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Your Vegas is showing!

My memoir is effin complete! One last read to check for typos.
Hoping to publish soon.
Our short film: WE HAVE YOUR WIFE, is the right amount of wrong!
Very appropriate, it was just accepted to the Silver State Film Festival in Las Vegas!
More deets to come.
Our short film TEST DRIVE will have an encore screening at The Brightside Tavern Film Festival, in Jersey City
Worked on a docu-series for Hulu about the Wu-Tang Clan
Very Interesting project
Here is a trailer and more info
AXE BODY SPRAY - Get some!
Awhile ago, I filmed an Axe Body Spray commercial in San Diego. It never aired (most likely my fault) but I finally, was able to get it!

Indulge yourselve
45 Minute flight from Pittsburg to New York
Took me over 12 hours!
Newark airport shut down because plane skids off the runway
Fun at the airport
Everyone is ok - excpet the people that missed their cruise ships.
More info about our recent screening at JSFF
It was an honor (and a lot of mail) being apart of the TELEVISION ACADEMY and voting on this years Emmy nominations.
There is so much good TV out there, there is a lot of trash too, but trust me there are some amazing shows and specials.
The nominations will be announced in a few weeks.
Seriously, who needs soc media when u have JimFord.com
The short film I directed is still going strong on the festival circuit, but is also available on vimeo now
Check it out now! Do it.
The link is below.
Booyah! Our short film won an award at the 12th annaul JERSEY SHORE FILM FESTIVAL
The Jersey Shore got dirty this weekend.
Great fun, padding up and playing quarterback for a few plays in a new series called: I'm Not Ok With This.
Still playing High School... with a football helmet on!
I won BEST ACTOR in a short film, at the 20th annual BARE BONES INTN'L FILM FESTIVAL.
Thank you very much! I'd also like to thank all the women in my life and my friends' for giving us the material.
Cheers, we love u
The people at Bare Bones Intn'l Film Festival certainly know what they are doing... WE HAVE YOUR WIFE, just won an award!
"We Have Your Wife", was just accepted into the 12th annual Jersey Shore Film Fetsival.
Get ready Jersey!! Summer is coming.
The sweet lil town of Suffern, NY is in for a treat tonight!
Our short film: WE HAVE YOUR WIFE, will be screening at the 1st annaul
Rhino Comedy Festival.
Worked on a sweet chase scene for the reboot of NYPD BLUE.
Thats right, the pilot for NYPD BLUE is being made and the show you all loved - or at least heard about - is coming back!
Very interesting, so GUY NATIV won the academy award for best short film (yes its a category)
His short film SKIN won, but also allowed him to make a feature film by the same name.
The feature SKIN, has already been shot and edited. I play the Good Samaritan in it. It will be realesed shortly this year.
If you missed SNL or feel asleep, here is a link to skit i worked on.
I slip on the pizza.
What a fun and interesting experience working on Saturday Night Live, last night. I have always been curious how this show was made.
If your watching tonight... I stunt double the host John Mulaney, in a digiatal short. Its basically a SCREAM parody and I'm pretty sure it will be hilarious!
The short film SKIN won the Academy Award for BEST LIVE ACTION SHORT FILM. The same director already made a feature (same name) that will be released soon.
Check it out, it is a very unique story and I play The Good Samaritan who tries to talk some sense into Jamie Bell's character.
Gonna be a big year for jimford.com everybody.
You hopefully will see me as the victim of the 'knockout game' in M. Night Shyamalan's superhero thriller, GLASS.
(in theatres now)
Olivia Wilde's drama A VIGILANTE will be released soon. Spoiler alert, she kicks my ass.
And, the Biopic drama called: SKIN with Jamie Bell, will be availlable soon. I play the Good Samaritan in a heated scene.
I also play a stunt performer in Martin Scorsese's THE IRISHMAN - Deniro, Pacino, Pesci, Ford... this movie should be huge!
The title of my book is: "MY TAKE ON ALL FIFTY STATES."
(thats a triple entendre people!)
My masterpiece of a memoir is finally complete!
Now how the heck do I get this thing published...
Finished writing TV pilot: OVER THE CURB
A 30 minute comedy about a Celebrated NASCAR driver, who gets fired from the sport in a sensational way, and has to become a New Jersey car salesman.

Networks get ready!!
My red Red Carpet interview from The Grove Street Film Festival has surfaced!
check it out
Triumphant news! Short film: WE HAVE YOUR WIFE was just accepted into 2 more festies.
The Los Angeles Short Film Festival and Bare Bones INT'L Film Fest.
I love you ZANDER
My son was born! Words cannot describe what an incredible experience it was.
Nothing I have ever done or seen, even comes close the experience of seeing his birth.
Beyond Happy -
God bless
Our short comedy: WE HAVE YOUR WIFE - is now online for your viewing pleasure!
Our award winning short film: WE HAVE YOUR WIFE, will be released online next week.
It still will continue its film festival run this year and next but will be avilable online at the same time.
Rest up... its coming soon.
Finishing up my book! Its almost done.
What a process. Just need to do some last minute tweaks and formatting stuff.
The AARP commercial is already airing.

I almost get away! Watch it here:
check it out kid!
Madam Secretary, season 5 premieres this sunday on CBS
check the link for more deets.
I'm in a cool scene that takes place in the oval office.
Filming re-shoots in New York, with Ed Norton on the feature film 'Motherless Brooklyn'
Due out next year.
Great screening in Austin, Texas for our short film: WE HAVE YOUR WIFE
Official Selection Of The Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2018
Working with Fat Foot Films again. This time instead of a short film, its a tasty 'web-series' called DRINKING GAMES. The editing is coming along gorgeous. We are almost ready to unleash the 1st epsiode!
Getting some footage for my soon to launch web-series DRINKING GAMES, at the infamous JERSEY SHORE!
Working in Baltimore for a couple days on an AARP commercial. I play a crook!
Had a BLAST working on another epsiode of MADAM SECRETARY! Season five should premiere in October.
"We Have Your Wife" will be screening tonight at the 1st annual BERGEN INT. FILM FESTIVAL
It will also be screening this weekend on the Jersey Shore at: INDIE STREET FILM FESTIVAL
Well color me shocked! Our short film won: Best Actor.
Our short film: WE HAVE YOUR WIFE just screened at the Grove Film Festival.
Sensational turnout. Tons of fun! Here are some pics, scroll down.
I had an awesome time working on the indie comedy: Super Troopers 2. Its opening weekend just shattered box office excpectations.
Will be available on DVD soon.
These guys are hysterical! It took 16 years for them to make the sequel.
Directed by: Jay Chandrasekhar
"WE HAVE YOUR WIFE is defintintely one of my favorite comedy shorts!"
Our short got a nice write up
More driving and fighting in the period piece Motherless Brooklyn.
This movie is going to be awesome. Its based on the novel and directed by: Ed Norton
Short film WE HAVE YOUR WIFE is fully edited and already getting great reviews
A Vigalante is doing well at the film festivals.
Here is an article about the movie and SXSW
Working on a pilot in Brooklyn.
Basically I get attacked by a CGI hat that looks like a vagina and I destroy a bathroom in the process.
Thats a wrap on filming our short comedy: WE HAVE YOUR WIFE
Thanks a lot to a fantastic cast and crew!
Action movie: PROUD MARY, is now available on demand and DVD. I play a Vagrant, who steals the kid's backback. We have a little chase!
Working with the great Ed Norton again on his latest feature: Motherless Brooklyn.
Pre-production has officially begun for our latest short film: WE HAVE YOUR WIFE
Another article about the drama: SKIN
Based on a wild true story
Working in New York on indie film called: SKIN.
I play the Good Samaritan and try to talk some sense into Billy Elliot.
TEST DRIVE has officially finished its festival run and is now available online
Working on a Netflix movie called: The Irishman.
Directed by Martin Scorcese. Al Pacino and Robert Deniro are in it.
Going to be a huge film.
Filming movie: "A Vigalante" in Upstate New York.
Olivia Wilde is in it. Great premise.
TEST DRIVE got a nice write up in the "Charleston Daily"
In Charleston, South Carolina for the 9th annual Charleston International Film Festival.
My short film TEST DRIVE is an offcial selection.